Velleman TRIM22P
4-20pF Trimmer Capacitor

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PCB-Mounting Trimmer Capacitor

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The vanes are stacked on a sturdy plastic base. The dielectric product consists of a polypropylene film which ensures good vane stability and prevents microphony. The capacitor can be adjusted at the top with a screwdriver. Flux absorption between the vanes is eliminated. The trimmers resist all standard cleaning solvents with the exception of trichlorethylene and trichloroethane. Climatic category (IEC68 40/070/21). Basic specification (IEC481-1 and 4).


Capacitance: 4-20pF
Rated Voltage: 250V
Diameter: 7.5mm
Maximum temperature: 70°C
Colour Code: Green


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4-20pF Trimmer Capacitor”