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Inverter, Sine Wave, Solar, 5.5kW, 48V | Sako Sunon Pro

රු 369,900.00

5500W 48V single-phase off-grid solar inverter with 100A MPPT charge controller

Warranty: 1 year carry-in for online purchases | 2 years on-site if installed by Audissey as part of a complete solution

Available only on pre-order. Please contact us to check delivery dates before ordering.

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Key Features

  • Wall mountable design minimises installation space requirements.
  • Uses high frequency switching technology to generate a pure 50Hz sine wave, with substantial savings in weight and size.
  • Incorporates MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) 100A charge controller to optimise use of available sunlight to charge batteries.
  • Inverter switches on automatically when grid power fails. Inbuilt automatic changeover relay eliminates need for manual changeover.
  • Automatic battery charger built in, with user selectable settings for different battery types. Battery will charge off solar power when available and grid power when not.
  • Can be operated without solar panels, allowing for the panels to be installed later and thereby reducing the initial investment.


Output Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Output Voltage 220/230/240V (user selectable)
Default is 230V
Output Frequency 50/60Hz (user  selectable)
Default is 50Hz
Rated Output Power 5500W
Overload Handling Capability Up to 150% for 10 seconds
Up to 200% for 5 seconds
Batteries & Charger
Nominal Battery Voltage 48V
Battery Type Selection VRLA/Flooded/User Defined
Low Battery Cut-off Voltage User settable from 42V to 48V
Default setting is 42V
Float Charge Voltage User settable from 48V to 61V
Default setting is 54V
Bulk Charging Voltage User settable from 25V to 31.5V
Default is 56.4V for VRLA and 58.4V for Flooded
Maximum Charging Current from Grid User settable from 2A to 80A
Default setting is 30A
Maximum Combined Charging Current (Grid + Solar) User settable from 10A to 100A
Default setting is 60A
Solar Panels
Maximum PV Array Power 5000W
Nominal PV Array Voltage 240V
MPPT Input Voltage Range 120~450V
Maximum PV Array Voltage (open circuit) 500V
Mains Input 3-pole screw terminal block (L/N/E)
Output 2-pole screw terminal block (L/N)
Battery 2-pole screw terminal block (+/-)
PV Input 2-pole screw terminal block (+/-)
Cooling System DC fan ×2 (operates only when required)
Dimensions 313×481×117mm (W×H×D)
Net Weight 10.5kg

What’s in the Box

  • 5500W pure sine wave inverter with inbuilt grid/solar battery charger
  • Communication cable
  • User manual